galvanised steel Posts

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Uprite Steel specialise in hot-dipped galvanised steel H beam, C beam, 90 degree & 45 degree posts used when building a sleeper retaining wall. Simply Installed by concreting your posts in the ground & by slideing your sleepers in to your post makes it a D.I.Y friendly system, our steel has been structurally engineered to suit retaining walls up to 1.8 meters high, its a system designed to last. We can transport posts Australia wide and have a truck that go’s to Sydney daily.

We stock a large amount of posts pre-cut to sizes 450,750,1050,1300,1600,1800,2100,2400,2900,5800

Available Posts

sleeper pegs 400mm long

Suited for one sleeper high garden edge, finished in red primer, available in T joiner left & right angles $14.30 ea



Medium Duty 100x85x4 suits 75mm sleeper
A custom made beam designed to fit sleepers with out back packing, great for retaining walls up to 1.2 meters high.
Heavy Duty 100x100x6 suits 85mm sleeper
High strength post for structural retaining walls up to 1.8 meters high.


Extra Heavy Duty
For walls greater than 1.8 meters high we can supply any hot-dipped galvanised post you request.The most common sizes are 100UC 150UC & 200UB.


100 UC
100x100x7 UC 14.8
100x50x5 PFC
Available at engineers request.

150 UC
152x152x6.8 UC 23
158x153x9.4 UC 30
150x75x9.5 PFC 17

200 UB
200x100x7 UB 18
200X133X7 UB 22
200x75x12 PFC 22

We pride ourselves on having the best steel for the best price if you have found a better price elsewhere we will beat it! Please call 02 62602270 for pricing or download our price list from here

Post cap sizes
100×50 to suit C Beam
100×100 to suit H Beam
150×150 to suit Corner Beam