Kanga warrior Hire Canberra

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We have available to hire a kanga mini loader also known as a dingo, these machines are great when it comes to removing old timber sleeper walls, digging post holes planting trees, ideal for picking up large rocks, removing unwanted plants. Our kanga comes on its own trailer with fold down ramps witch makes it easy to load and unload, available with the following attachments.

 kanga warrior 1050mm wide


Kanga Mini Loader

Kanga mini loaders are great for moving loose soil and other materials from one place to another. They also have outstanding performance when digging post holes. Day hire cost $300.

Kanga warrior Mini Loader Specifications:

• Max lift capacity: 250kg
• Overall height: 1300mm
• Overall length with bucket: 2200mm
• Overall width with bucket: 1050mm
• 4 in 1 bucket capacity: 0.1 cubic meters

4in1 bucket attachment


The Trailer is a standard inclusion with all Kanga mini loader hires.

4in1 Bucket

A bucket which opens and closes that can be used to scrape, grab and lift, back fill and carry.The 4 in 1 bucket is ideal for moving dirt or mulch. Also great for removing existing sleepers.
And is a standard inclusion with all Kanga mini loader hires.
• Volume capacity: 0.1 m3
• Lift capacity: 250kg

Auger Extension

Extension attach’s to auger. It allows you to drill down an extra 600mm deep.standard inclusion with all auger hires.
Auger Extension

Concrete mixing bowl

2.2 cu ft concrete mixer runs off the same power head used to run the auger. Mixer cost $80 per day

mixer bowl2

300mm Auger

Used to drill holes for retaining wall posts, and planting trees, available with extensions that allow you to drill down 1.7meters. Auger cost $80 per day.

augur attachment

450mm Auger

Used to drill holes for high retaining walls also great for planting meture trees. Auger cost $100 per day


Fork Lift Attachment

Can be used to move empty pallets and can carry up to 250kg = 5 concrete sleepers. Forklift attachment cost $80 per day.


Sleeper Lifting Grab

Designed to make the job easy, lifting the sleepers straight from the pallet to your wall saving your back and hard labour. Sleeper lifting grab cost $80 per day.

grabb att

This machine is very simple to operate, anyone can use the kanga, Drivers licence required

Priced from $300 per day or take advantage of our weekend special offer of $400

Bookings are essential – book today 6280 6047

What is a Mini Loader?

Commonly known as a Dingo or Kanga, Mini Loaders are a small but powerful digging machine that is operated from a platform at the rear of the machine. The operator stands upright at all times and the machine ceases to function if the operator leaves the platform. Mini Loaders are relatively easy to use and do not require a permit or license to operate* making them perfect for the home owner looking to do it themselves. The kanga machine is approximately 1050 mm in width and has a safe working load of 250Kg.

The kanga comes with loads of useful attachments including; Post hole digger, Fork Tynes, Cement Mixer & 4in1 bucket to suit the job at hand.


Is it easy to use?

As with any piece of machinery, it will take a bit of getting use to but Mini Loaders are fairly easy to get the hang of. It is advised that you read the users manual before getting started to understand the capabilities, limitations and basic operations of the machine. Uprite hire will also run you through the basics when you pick it up or have it dropped off and then it is sensible to spend a short period of time getting used to the controls prior to starting, particularly if you are working in tight spaces. When you feel confident with the controls you’re ready to have a go! Although these machines are anything but a toy, they are quite a lot of fun to use (and surprisingly efficient)! If you apply common sense and stay within the machines capabilities you will make light work of a normally hard day in the yard.