installation guide

D.I.Y Installation Guide

Step 1
Laying out

When laying out your retaining wall you will need to set a string line along the line of the proposed retaining wall. Set your pegs 500mm past each end of the retaining wall so that the holes do not disturb your string line. Mark out where each hole will need to be dug (if your sleepers are 1830mm long you should make your holes 1850mm apart)
step 2
Digging your holes

When digging your holes use a 300mm or 450mm auger. Drill your holes to the depth required hole depth should be the same as wall height. When using our fence brackets to attach a fence to the top of your retaining wall you will need to drill your holes 450mm round and minimum 600mm deep.

Step 3
Setting up & concreting posts in

Once your holes are dug run your bottom row of sleepers along your string line leaving 20mm gap between each one and level them. Slot your post down the 20mm gap into your hole you can now level your post lean it back just off level & measure top of post to the top of your next post to make sure its the same as the bottom. Measure from the top of your sleeper to the top of your post to make sure the rest of your sleepers will fit remember to allow an extra 15mm when putting a metal cap on top.Once your posts are levelled you are now ready for concrete. Mix your concrete and pour it into your holes fill right up to your bottom sleeper this will be your footings to insure your wall doesn’t sink over time.

Step 4
Installing sleepers & Backfilling

The next day you can slide your sleepers into your posts. You may need to pack one side at the bottom to get you level perfect at the top.
Once your sleepers are slotted in its important to wait at least 7 days before backfilling. When back filling you can hire our kanga to make the job easy. Run your ag pipe along the bottom at the back of your wall then back fill with 10mm to 20mm crushed rock. Its also important to back fill lightly don’t dump backfill from a great height. Concrete sleepers are designed to take the pressure of soil behind them, however it is not recommended to compact directly behind the wall. As a general rule you should never compact any closer to the wall then its height, so for a 1m wall machinery should keep at least 1m away from it.